Madonie Geopark


Since November 2015, the Madonie Geopark has been one of the sites included in the UNESCO global network, a recognition that highlights geological and geomorphological features across a vast area of the Palermo territory, whose history began 220 million years ago.

The mountain range is a natural and scientific legacy and the flora is important to the planet. In particular, the Madonie Park hosts more than half of the species found on the island and many of those that can only be admired in Sicily. From the hedgehog to the fox, protected fauna abounds.

The search for physical and metaphysical greatness culminates in the dolomitic limestone, in the deep canyons and in the landscape that almost urges you to the ascetic life with the religious buildings located on the summits.

Twenty-one small, magnificent municipalities that are full of history are included in the area.

Follow the tours that will lead you to the discover nature that’s straight out of a fairly tale!

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