Infiorata di Noto


Every year the third Sunday of May is dedicated to the “infiorata” /Flower Festivalof the city of Noto. The event was born in the early 80s from the meeting of flower artists from Genzano and Noto, and it is precisely in the city of Genzano, in the province of Rome, that this new pictorial technique was developed.

Corrado Nicolaci street is the place where the infiorata was born.  The impact is strong, at the top the Church of Montevergini which contrasts with the palace of Prince NicolaciGolden Villa“, with balconies that have been defined as the most beautiful in the world. Today the floral display of Noto is considered one of the most beautiful events on the whole island.

This year the theme will be Noto is Cinema. The 16 sketches of via Nicolaci that will be made by the associations of Infioratori from Noto will be dedicated to the films shot in the Baroque city in the past, recent years.

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19/05/2023 10:00


23/05/2023 22:00



Comune di Noto Piazza Municipio, 1 96017 Noto (SR) - Italy Tel. +39 0931.896911




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