Buongiorno Ceramica!


“Buongiorno Ceramica!” is the widespread celebration of Italian ceramics, scheduled for 18 and 19 May 2024.

A tour around Italy of the beauty and artistic craftsmanship of Italian ceramics in 45 cities at the same time, including six in Sicily: Burgio, Caltagirone, Collesano, Monreale, Santo Stefano di Camastra and Sciacca. The diffuse festival of Italian Ceramics: two days entirely dedicated to the discovery of Made in Italy artistic and artisan ceramics, between ancient local traditions and contemporary sensibilities.

During these two days, a great project for the deseasonalisation of the Region will also be inaugurated, namely the “Roads of Ceramics”.

Find out more about the event by visiting the official website.

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18/05/2024 00:00


19/05/2024 00:00




Tel. +39 0546 691306



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