Palio dei Normanni


Every year in Piazza Armerina, from 12 to 14 August, the Palio dei Normanni is held, a historical re-enactment of the Norman militias entering the entrance the ancient city of Plutia to free the Christian population from the yoke of the Saracens.

The event takes place over the course of three days and involves about 600 people including ladies, notables, knights and Norman troops led by Count Roger the Norman, all of them parading through the city streets in Mediaeval costume.

The highlight of the event is the Quintana, the exciting equestrian joust between the city’s 4 districts that compete for the Palio.

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12/08/2023 00:00


14/08/2023 00:00



Ex Chiesa San Giacomo, Piazza Armerina,94015 Tel. 0935 681641


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