Perched on the mountain, the small ancient village of Burgio in the province of Agrigento is a collection of Arab and medieval alleyways. More than a hundred stone portals, bronze bells and workshops, stained glass windows, ancient majolica, monuments rich in works of art and the majestic castle. Time seems to stand still here.

The great tradition and history can be discovered through the craft activities related to the production of artistic ceramics and the sixteenth-century Virgadamo bell foundry. The production of bells dates back to 1500, and the only foundry that has remained in operation since then is that of the Virgadamo family.

The procedure in use is still faithful to tradition and it is the only bell foundry in southern Italy.

Finally, we visit the Museum of Ceramics, which offers us the opportunity to admire the work carried out by local and regional craftsmen, who, over the centuries, have taken turns making the production of local majolica increasingly prestigious and admired. Green and sandy hues are the primary colours of the ceramics, rich in floral and ornithological decorative motifs.

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