Borghi dei Tesori Fest


The appointment with the cultural event Borghi dei Tesori Fest 2023 is back, here’s the festival dedicated to discovering the hidden places and wonders of small villages around Sicily, the mirror of the most authentic Sicily.

Places where time really doesn’t seem to have affected ancient traditions rooted for generations. Nestled on an ups and downs of mountains, close to each other yet isolated, this year too many small towns are participating in the third edition of Borghi dei Tesori Fest, over the three weekends from 26 August to 10 September, together with many other small Sicilian towns .

The festival, organized by the Le Vie dei Tesori Foundation in collaboration with all the participating municipalities, is scheduled every Saturday and Sunday from 25 August to 10 September.

For info and details:

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26/08/2023 09:00


10/09/2023 19:00



Le Vie dei Tesori: Via Duca della verdura, 32 | Palermo


Telefono: 091 8421121 Da sabato 26 agosto fino a domenica 10 settembre. Tutti i giorni, dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 12 alle 18, sabato e domenica dalle 12 alle 20.