Vulcano’s Mud Baths


Immersing yourself in the warm mud of Vulcano, in the open air and with a sea view, is a unique experience!

Don't wear a brand-new swimsuit and prepare yourself for the fact that there'll be a strong smell of sulphur on your clothes and skin for several days. But it really is worth it! You'll sure to miss it when you leave!

Your skin will become incredibly smooth and soft like that of a child; in addition you might benefit from the sulphurous mud's therapeutic properties.

The pools of hot mud, the evocative fumaroles and the warm waters on the cliff are a natural hydromassage with a unique view over a crystal-clear sea.

You really feel you’re in a magical place: with hell on one side and heaven on the other.

If your ideal holiday involves searching for absolute relaxation, regenerating experiences, pampering and wellness treatments, this is just a small taste of what Sicily can offer you!

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