In Villagrazia di Carini, not far from Palermo, the Bio Park of Sicily is a little piece of paradise for adults and children: a rich botanical garden of 60,000 square meters, in which a path takes us along the ideal journey of the evolution of life on earth.

The Land of the Dinosaurs, with over twenty models of dinosaurs recreated in real size; Serra Madeira rich in tropical plants and the fascinating Terrarium with different species of reptiles; Aquarius with freshwater and saltwater fish; also the Primitive Man, the study of fossils and minerals, the Italian Farm, the Journey to the discovery of continents… and finally the Zoo.

Here we will get to know different and rare animal species, immersed in a wildlife heaven created for their welfare and protection.

The Zoo is not a living museum: it is a place where the conservation of wildlife in danger of extinction is a priority and biodiversity is considered an asset.

We will meet more than 57 different species, from llamas to the zebras of Grant, from the Wallaby of Benneth to the Sicilian gray donkey, Barbary apes, chimpanzees, meerkats and Tibetan goats.

The colors of the pheasant Lacy Amherst, the tenderness of the guinea pigs, the nobility of the black swan definitely guarantee an exciting day.

The staff of veterinarians assures us that all animals follow a personalized diet and are attended by trained personnel.

Outdoor fun is assured in the three play areas with swings, slides, a giant chess board, and small rides.

In the park there are several picnic areas, where you can have a picnic lunch in the tranquility and shade of the trees.