Nebrodi mountains

The Appennine mountain range of Nebrodi includes the biggest preserved [...]

Nebrodi mountains2021-11-16T14:38:55+01:00


The appenine Madonie range mountains, in Palermo, links twenty one [...]


Geopark Madonie

Since november 2015 the Geopark Madonie is one of the [...]

Geopark Madonie2021-03-24T15:28:12+01:00

Itineraries in Sicily

Wealth is the key – word to better understand Sicily [...]

Itineraries in Sicily2021-11-11T16:32:30+01:00

Outdoor Sports and Free Time

Climate and landscapes allow you to practice many outdoor sports [...]

Outdoor Sports and Free Time2020-12-16T10:36:05+01:00

The Zingaro Reserve

Where sea and wild nature meet – it often happens [...]

The Zingaro Reserve2021-11-15T15:56:39+01:00

Trekking in Sicily

Trekking in Sicily … to enjoy the smell of fresh [...]

Trekking in Sicily2022-05-16T13:09:42+02:00
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