How many times you have been dreaming to treat yourself with a relaxing holiday, contemplating a stunning panorama, breathing in the clean air while enjoying a delicious Etna DOC glass of wine!

Or walking  in lovely squares with outdoor bars getting lost in a labyrinth of little streets, with your nose pointed upwards admiring flower decorated window sills and bell towers, noble buildings and pot-bellied balconies snipping in the yards

Your dreams and wishes can come true: it’s time for you to visit one of the most beautiful Sicilian villages.

Small towns by the sea, surrounded by greenery, set in the inland or in the mountain sides, will give you everything you are looking for, between small curiosities and new discoveries, like houses carved into the rock and inhabited until the last century or the most famous film set of all time.  In each of the Sicilian provinces you will find one of the most beautiful Italian villages at least and, nearby, many other places that are probably least known, but they will remain in yours hearts forever.

Places and holidays people-oriented to share with friends safely, where the keyword is “unspoilt”, exactly like the village you chose.

☑️ Sicilian villages waiting to be discovered 

Web map regionale dei borghi siciliani realizzata dal Lab Gis Osservatorio Turistico Regione Siciliana
Web map of Sicilian Villages edit by LabGis Osservatorio Turistico – Regione Siciliana