Tastes, shapes, scents and colours of Sicilian food are now, all over the world, symbols of an overwhelming pleasure.

Among the desserts stand out the Cannolo and Cassata, which enhance the freshness and authenticity of local ricotta. No less is the Granita, which here rejects the ice to be creamy: the Sicilian one is prepared in  thousand flavours and is delicious to the point of “challenging” the best homemade ice cream, is really unique in the world and is accompanied by the fragrant brioche strictly with the “Tuppo”.

From Almonds, another island pride, they are obtained: pastas (soft pastries) often chosen as necessary Gifts, as if they were souvenirs, from who leaves to visit a friend far away; a refreshing and ecstatic milk; the choreographic creations of Martorana Fruit, that liven up the pastry shop windows and cheer up tourists and passers-by.

In Sicily were born many delicacies that have their roots in tradition and faith, becoming beloved symbols and not products to be consumed.

A bridge between the sweet and the salty, the juiciest red oranges from the countryside dearest in the sun and the most famous pistachio, the one of Bronte, now master of the culinary scene thanks to its gastronomic versatility, that ranges from the use of sweet cream in desserts to lively pests that marry ancient grains, in the form of inimitable first courses.

Icon of Sicilianity, the Arancino (this is the most accredited form of the recent passionate linguistic dispute): it is a wonder of rice, a frying of life, the maximum expression of Sicilian street food.

Sicily is the cradle of the Mediterranean diet, which has always been the healthiest and most varied style of food, and also enhances fish and vegetables through Caponata and Parmigiana but also under the endless typicality, “Captained” by the tomato of Pachino.

Eating in Sicily also means… go to the theatre: this is the case of “Pasta alla Norma“, with tomato sauce and fried eggplants, so renamed because it is considered sublime as the work of the same name of “Swan”, the composer Vincenzo Bellini.

Meats from historic farms, such as Nebrodi salami, complete rich and impeccable menus.

In rapid rise, the quotations of Sicilian wines, sincere, intoxicating and versatile.

☑️ Sicilian flavours 

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