No-one can mention Pantelleria without telling about its sea, with its rich fishing seabeds, its transparent waters, its beaches of smooth rocks that lead to the sea, forming secluded corners, where silence reigns, even in August.

The island (Trapani) is volcanic in origin and, therefore, do not expect to find white sand. You can find, however, some unusual beaches, some of them also suitable for families with children, and many charming slopes coming down to the the sea.
Just take with you a pair of trekking shoes, and walk for a while along the trails leading to the hidden and fascinating coves, especially those along the slopes of the Martingana, of the Balata dei Turchi, the Stack and the Arch of the Elephant.

Don’t miss a tour around the island by boat or raft, to discover its beautiful coves and natural harbors with their pebbles or fine gravel beaches, only accessible by sea.

Wonderful sea bottoms rich in Posidonia meadows. If you are lucky during your diving, you can also see the black coral. Its volcanic origin has given the island a dark chromatism.

The lack of sand in shallow water allows a great visibility making your diving a magical moment.
Wonderful walls, majestic cliffs sinking into the deep blue of the sea, bright coloured shoals, and a large amount of fishes that surprise us just from the beginning: big fishes, morays, red and white sponges and sea fans.
For underwater photography lovers, the archeological Cala Gadir is a must.
Along the underwater itinerary remains of Punic and Roman amphorae coming from two wrecks of the third and second century BC