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Archaeological Parks in Sicily


An Archaeological Park is a magical place where the balanced [...]

Archaeological Parks in Sicily2021-01-15T12:30:04+01:00

Easter cakes to taste in Sicily


The well known Sicilian bakery art, during special occasions, gives [...]

Easter cakes to taste in Sicily2021-03-29T13:59:51+02:00

Sicilian blood oranges


Sicily is the country of oranges, whose fragrance fills the [...]

Sicilian blood oranges2020-08-26T17:52:15+02:00

Ancient grains in Sicily


Sicily has always been a wheat-rich region since ancient times. [...]

Ancient grains in Sicily2020-08-26T18:23:49+02:00

Carnival in Sicily


The Carnival in Sicily has ancient origins. It is the [...]

Carnival in Sicily2021-03-12T13:24:50+01:00

Archaeological sites in Sicily


Sicily is an open-air museum! Let's take a tour [...]

Archaeological sites in Sicily2021-01-04T15:05:53+01:00

Touring eastern Sicily


Walking and learning about art and admiring nature and landscapes [...]

Touring eastern Sicily2021-01-08T13:34:59+01:00

Climbing and DWS in Sicily


Besides offering a natural and sea environment and a great [...]

Climbing and DWS in Sicily2020-12-16T13:17:46+01:00

Accessible Beaches


Throughout Sicily, looking for handicap accessible beaches as well, to [...]

Accessible Beaches2020-12-28T12:23:49+01:00
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