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  • Cappella Palatina - ph.  P. Barone

    Palatine Chapel

    The Palatine Chapel is is worthed itself a visit to Palermo. Its construction, started in 1130, the year when Roger II became the first king of Sicily, was completed over a 15-year period and it was consacreted, according to an inscription in its dome, in [...]


Its name is after the celery, which grows flourishing in the ancient city and whose [...]


A superb doric temple dated back to the fifth century BC and framed into a [...]

Siracusa Greek Theatre

In his Voyage en Sicile, published in 1788, Dominique Venon, Baron Denon, gathered the Teatro [...]

Catania Antique Theater

Catania is a city continuously revealing itself, exciting and contradictory, somewhat blatant with its opulent [...]

Cefalà Diana Terme

The archeological ruins of Cefalà Diana are a rare evidence of thermal baths dated back [...]

Cathedral of Agrigento

Going northward aside the Church of San Domenico, take (left of the prospectus) via [...]

Castle of Caccamo

Built in the Norman period, on a steep rocky outcrop, this work of the Chiaramonte [...]

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