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  • Sicily, flavours not to be missed

    Tastes, shapes, scents and colours of Sicilian food are now, all over the world, symbols of an overwhelming pleasure. Among the desserts stand out the Cannolo and Cassata, which enhance the freshness and authenticity of local ricotta. No less is the Granita, which here rejects [...]

Pasta c’anciova

Delicious dishes that combine sweet and salty taste, the pasta "c'anciova" it is the correct alternative "low cost" of the traditional pasta with the sardines. The invention of this dish is attributed to the emigrants [...]

Pani cunzatu

Pani cunzatu (seasoned bread) is a typical poor meal of the traditional Sicilian cuisine. It's also called “bread of misery” because, lacking of any  further richer and appetizing ingredients, poor people used to enrich it with spices and cheap seasonings, easily [...]


From the spanish “caponada” the word “caponata” derives from “capone”, name with which in some areas of Sicily it's called the “lampuga”, a precious fish once eaten only by  the aristocracy, seasoned with the bittersweet sauce tipic [...]

Food festivals and parties in Sicily

In every corner of the island, food is an art and culture. Food festivals and parties, organized to celebrate the best products, are spread everywhere. Let's start with pistachio, a gastronomic jewel of Bronte, [...]

Sicily gluten free

The Sicilian cooking is rich in naturally gluten-free food, such as such fish and seafood... The Italian Coeliac Association has realized the project “Food outside home” to offer tourists following gluten free diet a suitable service during [...]

The Pachino IGP tomato

Red, round, and intensely fragrant. Crispy outside and soft inside. Pachino tomatoes are an explosion of freshness in your mouth: sweet pulp and savory at the same time – containing all the flavors of the [...]

Panelle e cazzilli

If Palermo street food needed a flag, it would be the colour of the panelle. They are savoury fritters made with chick-pea flour and are mainly eaten in the streets, in a loaf wrapped in the typical [...]

Pasta alla Norma

What has the Norma by Vincenzo Bellini got to do with it? Ask someone from Catania. Some will tell you about a lovely teacher, others about the exclamation by Nino Martoglio delighted over the taste. [...]


Sfinciuni, cudduruni, scacciate, ‘nfriulati, imbriulati, pitoni. Various type of rustic pizza made with a bread dough base, onions, tomatoes, anchovies, caciocavallo, cooked vegetables and mixed cold cuts. The shape and ingredients vary from area to [...]

Anelletti al forno

Anelletti is a typical, ring-shaped pasta of Sicilian origin. Nowadays it can easily be found among the regional specialities of large pasta manufacturers. This type of pasta is used almost exclusively for this traditional Sicilian [...]

Pasta with sardines

Pasta with sardines is an absolute must if you are to complete your Sicilian gastronomic mission. There are, once again, many geographical variations: with or without the addition of tomato sauce or baked. Either way, [...]

Cassata Siciliana

The queen of Sicilian pastry making, probably Cassata's name comes from Arabic qas'at, “basin”, maybe for its round shape, or from Latin caseum, cheese because it's full of ricotta cheese. Its history is as mysterious [...]

Gelu di muluni – Watermelon jelly

We call it Gelu i muluni, and it is a traditional, Sicilian summer dessert. Gelu the muluni - watermelon jelly its most traditional capacity, offered in a ceramic bowl and fragranced with a freshly-picked jasmine [...]

Cannoli siciliani

Cannoli siciliani are the most traditional of all Sicilian confectionery products. Originally prepared during carnival season, they are now made all year round. Ingredients (for 4 - 6 cannoli) for the shells: 150 g of [...]

Cous cous

This is to confirm that the simplest things are the best. What recipe could be easier than this? Simply purchase a box of cous cous and follow the instructions provided. Hand-rolling the cous cous is [...]

The Bronte Pistachio

If people call it green gold, there is a reason... There are treasures in Sicily that deserve to be slowly discovered and revealed. Among them, some are great protagonists of the Italian cuisine tout court. [...]

Arancino or arancina

Arancino or arancina? The solution to this dilemma is not simple and it has involved fine linguists, passionate cooks and many gourmands for centuries. Despite the dispute, everyone agrees on how good this symbol of  Sicilian [...]

Ancient markets in Sicily

There is a special atmosphere in the ancient Sicilian markets:  you see people talking and dealing as immersed in a world that looks like a theatre. In many places of the Island there are still [...]

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