The “Coronavirus Sicily: What to do” section of Sicilian Region web portal Costruire Salute  (Italian language only) provides information about the ongoing health emergency.

The page provides useful information about the right behaviors to stem the spread of the infection and  the emergency phone numbers. Furthermore you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions and the list of all provision adopted in Italy and Sicily.

Coronavirus Sicily: What to do

For more detailed information about the measures adopted in the national territory regarding travelling, visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website. If you have to travel for proven work reasons, situations of necessity or health reasons, fill in the Questionnaire and specify your route: place of origin of your travel and final destination.

In case of need, dial the telephone number 112 reserved for emergencies or the Official Coronavirus toll-free number, 800458787, provided by the Sicilian Region in order to assist citizens at any time with information about Coronavirus emergency and about the Government action plan throughout the national territory and in Sicily.

For tourist information on specific Sicilian locations it is possible to contact local Tourist desks by e-mail

For tourist information and updates allover Italy, visit the Italian Tourism Official website, Agenzia Nazionale Turismo