Outdoor Sports and Free Time

Climate and landscapes allow you to practice many outdoor sports [...]

Outdoor Sports and Free Time2020-12-16T10:36:05+01:00

Horse Trails in Sicily

For those who want to treat themselves a holiday [...]

Horse Trails in Sicily2021-02-11T10:46:50+01:00

Sailing in Sicily

Sun, sea and wind in our sails. A holiday in [...]

Sailing in Sicily2020-12-18T09:12:18+01:00

Ski touring

  Mt. Etna, the roof of the Mediterranean, rises 3,340 [...]

Ski touring2021-01-15T12:41:24+01:00

San Vito Climbing Festival

San Vito Climbing Festival – international sport climbing meeting. The [...]

San Vito Climbing Festival2020-12-16T11:03:34+01:00

Trek and Kids

TREK & KIDS child-friendly nature holidays! Travelling light and easy [...]

Trek and Kids2020-12-17T10:36:30+01:00

Windsurf in Sicily

Windsurf in Sicily? With over 1000 km of coast, there [...]

Windsurf in Sicily2020-12-16T11:10:59+01:00

Climbing and DWS in Sicily

Besides offering a natural and sea environment and a great [...]

Climbing and DWS in Sicily2020-12-16T13:17:46+01:00

Sicily by bike

Cycling around Sicily is wonderful... the island deserves to [...]

Sicily by bike2021-04-15T13:14:51+02:00
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