Sports-friendly hospitality

Sicily is a natural gym, the perfect place where to [...]

Sports-friendly hospitality2022-06-20T14:27:34+02:00

Outdoor Sports and Free Time

Climate and landscapes allow you to practice many outdoor sports [...]

Outdoor Sports and Free Time2020-12-16T10:36:05+01:00

Horse Trails in Sicily

For those who want to treat themselves a holiday [...]

Horse Trails in Sicily2022-05-17T17:19:50+02:00

Ski touring

  Mt. Etna, the roof of the Mediterranean, rises 3,340 [...]

Ski touring2022-05-05T17:30:30+02:00

Horseback riding in Sicily

The relationship between Sicily and the horses is very deep; [...]

Horseback riding in Sicily2022-05-05T17:15:12+02:00
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