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Siracusa Greek Theatre

In his Voyage en Sicile, published in 1788, Dominique Venon, [...]

Siracusa Greek Theatre2020-07-29T18:09:52+02:00

The Route of Etna Castles

Every castle is linked to a fairy tale, full of [...]

The Route of Etna Castles2020-06-18T17:34:40+02:00

Walking with Charles V

On the 20th August 1535, after three long days of [...]

Walking with Charles V2020-06-18T17:34:43+02:00

Touring eastern Sicily

Walking and learning about art and admiring nature and landscapes [...]

Touring eastern Sicily2020-06-18T17:34:59+02:00

Itinerary of Writers

Sicily is the island of the Myth... Ulysses, Homer's epic hero, [...]

Itinerary of Writers2020-06-18T17:35:02+02:00

Touring west Sicily

Sicily is an ideal destination for those who want to [...]

Touring west Sicily2020-06-18T17:35:05+02:00
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