Sicilian hinterland

The Sicilian hinterland, the real kernel of the island, is [...]

Sicilian hinterland2020-08-17T10:37:55+02:00

Vendicari Reserve

Away from the chaos, in this absolutely harmonious place, the [...]

Vendicari Reserve2021-01-15T13:10:29+01:00

Camping in Sicily

In Sicily contact with nature is great and camping is [...]

Camping in Sicily2021-01-15T11:05:51+01:00

Horseback riding in Sicily

The relationship between Sicily and the horses is very deep; [...]

Horseback riding in Sicily2021-04-02T13:49:59+02:00

Trekking in Aeolian Islands

Reaching the top of a volcano is definitely a unique [...]

Trekking in Aeolian Islands2020-12-17T11:24:35+01:00

The Zingaro Reserve

Where sea and wild nature meet – it often happens [...]

The Zingaro Reserve2021-01-15T13:47:22+01:00

Trekking in Sicily

Trekking in Sicily … to enjoy the smell of fresh [...]

Trekking in Sicily2021-05-17T16:24:29+02:00
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