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Nebrodi mountains

The Appennine mountain range of Nebrodi includes the biggest preserved [...]

Nebrodi mountains2020-08-26T16:31:35+02:00

Itinerarium Rosaliae

A journey to the discovery of the Inland of Sicily, [...]

Itinerarium Rosaliae2020-07-29T15:23:04+02:00

Franciscan paths in Sicily

The emotion of living a different and unknown Sicily through [...]

Franciscan paths in Sicily2020-06-12T00:10:01+02:00

The Ancient Transversal Sicula

Ready to walk history? The Transversal Sicula retraces on foot [...]

The Ancient Transversal Sicula2020-07-06T16:28:41+02:00

Sicily, a fabulous nature

In Sicily, nature is a fairy-tale, telling about infinite visions [...]

Sicily, a fabulous nature2020-08-28T12:11:20+02:00

Horse Trails in Sicily

For those who want to treat themselves to a holiday [...]

Horse Trails in Sicily2020-09-03T12:25:48+02:00

The Magna Via Francigena

The Magna Via Francigena, the great road of the Frankish [...]

The Magna Via Francigena2020-06-18T17:34:23+02:00

Sailing in Sicily

Sun, sea and wind in our sails. A holiday in [...]

Sailing in Sicily2020-07-13T14:07:13+02:00

Terrasini and Cinisi

Come with us to Terrasini and Cinisi, two small  villages [...]

Terrasini and Cinisi2020-07-15T17:53:41+02:00
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