The Way of the Friars

A suggestion of a 166 km long journey that starts [...]

The Way of the Friars2020-07-06T16:16:51+02:00

Itinerarium Rosaliae

A journey to the discovery of the Inland of [...]

Itinerarium Rosaliae2020-12-29T14:55:16+01:00

Franciscan paths in Sicily

The emotion of living a different and unknown Sicily through [...]

Franciscan paths in Sicily2021-01-08T14:41:43+01:00

Vie Francigene of Sicily

They are called the Vie Francigene of Sicily and, like the [...]

Vie Francigene of Sicily2020-06-18T17:34:22+02:00

Vie Sacre Sicilia network

“When I left for Santiago I was not looking for [...]

Vie Sacre Sicilia network2020-06-18T17:34:22+02:00

The Magna Via Francigena

The Magna Via Francigena, the great road of the Frankish [...]

The Magna Via Francigena2021-01-08T15:11:29+01:00
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