Pasta c’anciova

Delicious dishes that combine sweet and salty taste, the pasta [...]

Pasta c’anciova2020-09-04T09:34:46+02:00

Pani cunzatu

Pani cunzatu (seasoned bread) is a typical poor meal of the traditional [...]

Pani cunzatu2020-09-04T09:43:22+02:00


From the spanish “caponada” the word “caponata” derives from “capone”, [...]


Panelle e cazzilli

If Palermo street food needed a flag, it would be [...]

Panelle e cazzilli2020-09-04T09:56:05+02:00

Pasta alla Norma

What has the Norma by Vincenzo Bellini got to do [...]

Pasta alla Norma2020-09-04T10:00:51+02:00


Sfinciuni, cudduruni, scacciate, ‘nfriulati, imbriulati, pitoni. Various type of rustic [...]


Anelletti al forno

Anelletti is a typical, ring-shaped pasta of Sicilian origin. Nowadays [...]

Anelletti al forno2020-09-04T10:11:03+02:00

Pasta with sardines

Pasta with sardines is an absolute must if you are [...]

Pasta with sardines2020-09-04T10:47:09+02:00

Cassata Siciliana

The queen of Sicilian pastry making, probably Cassata's name comes [...]

Cassata Siciliana2021-03-29T12:29:09+02:00
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