Trek and Kids

TREK & KIDS child-friendly nature holidays! Travelling light and easy [...]

Trek and Kids2020-12-17T10:36:30+01:00

Biopark in Sicily

In Villagrazia di Carini, not far from Palermo, the Bio [...]

Biopark in Sicily2020-12-17T10:40:46+01:00

Family Holiday in Sicily

On Mount Etna  Mount Etna is a must: visiting [...]

Family Holiday in Sicily2020-10-16T11:58:40+02:00

The best granita in the world

The ritual of Sicilian granita (semi-frozen sicilian dessert) with its [...]

The best granita in the world2020-12-17T11:06:40+01:00

Modica chocolate

Swiss? No, Aztec... The chocolate in Modica is made with [...]

Modica chocolate2020-12-17T11:13:56+01:00

Ludum Science museum

The LUDUM science museum is the first in Sicily and is [...]

Ludum Science museum2020-12-17T11:52:18+01:00
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