Sicilian pignolata

Pignolata or pignoccata is an ancient Sicilian dessert, typical of [...]

Sicilian pignolata2020-08-26T17:58:56+02:00

Pane con la milza

The pane con la milza, or 'u pani c’a meusa,  [...]

Pane con la milza2020-08-26T18:03:23+02:00

The Mediterranean diet

The true essence of a place also involves its smells [...]

The Mediterranean diet2021-02-11T11:22:14+01:00

Zeppole di riso (rice pancakes)

Sicilian Zeppole di riso are rice pancakes invented by the nuns [...]

Zeppole di riso (rice pancakes)2020-08-26T18:07:55+02:00

Palermo Street Food

A recent ranking, compiled by the American network Virtual Tourist, [...]

Palermo Street Food2020-08-26T18:16:59+02:00

Sfinci di ricotta

The recipe of "Sfinci" is one of the oldest, typical [...]

Sfinci di ricotta2020-08-26T18:18:43+02:00

Ancient grains in Sicily

Sicily has always been a wheat-rich region since ancient times. [...]

Ancient grains in Sicily2020-08-26T18:23:49+02:00

Pasta c’anciova

Delicious dishes that combine sweet and salty taste, the pasta [...]

Pasta c’anciova2020-09-04T09:34:46+02:00
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