Autumn flavours in Sicily

After a walk in the fresh air, through mountain paths, [...]

Autumn flavours in Sicily2020-10-23T14:46:34+02:00

Eggplant parmigiana

Every self-respecting Sicilian man or woman can recognize the unmistakable [...]

Eggplant parmigiana2021-02-12T13:54:30+01:00

Easter cakes to taste in Sicily

Cover image: Pupi cu l'ovu - ph. lacucinadiziapeppa The well nown [...]

Easter cakes to taste in Sicily2020-08-26T17:44:35+02:00

Sicilian prickly pears

The origins of the opuntia ficus indica, the botanical name [...]

Sicilian prickly pears2020-08-26T17:55:45+02:00

Sicilian blood oranges

Sicily is the country of oranges, whose fragrance fills the [...]

Sicilian blood oranges2020-08-26T17:52:15+02:00

The Frutta Martorana

These exquisite marzipan sweets, perfectly reproducing  vegetables and fruit, are [...]

The Frutta Martorana2020-08-26T17:47:53+02:00
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