INDA Foundation

INDA Foundation, National Institute Of The Ancient Drama, is [...]

INDA Foundation2021-11-03T14:35:09+01:00

Palatine Chapel

The Palatine Chapel is is worthed itself a visit to [...]

Palatine Chapel2021-12-01T16:18:34+01:00

Villas of Bagheria

Bagheria or  Baarìa in sicilian dialect, is a very populous [...]

Villas of Bagheria2021-11-26T10:58:12+01:00

Itinerary of Writers

Sicily is the myth island… Here Ulysses, Homer’s epic hero, [...]

Itinerary of Writers2021-11-04T10:02:45+01:00

Sicily and cinema

Sicily has always been a big open-air set. From  [...]

Sicily and cinema2021-12-20T16:09:44+01:00
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