After a walk in the fresh air, through mountain paths, in the countryside or in one of the charming Sicilian villages, amidst the most beautiful in Italy, let’s have some little tastings to discover the true essence of Sicilian fall.

Among the most typical autumn products, having a unique flavour, are the prickly pears of San Cono, in Catania area. Even in Roccapalumba, near Palermo, and in Santa Margherita BeliceAgrigento, in October we find taste workshops, guided tastings, and sweets with the prickly pear, and a whole menu based on this tasty fruit.

Sicily also produces a preparation with prickly pears, called mustard: let’s taste it in Gagliano Castelferrato, in the province of Enna, and in Militello Val di Catania, near Catania.

Fichidindia siciliani – ph. Paolo Barone

In the same period, in the small town of Zafferana on Etna, near Mount Etna  let’s have a weekend dedicated to apples, mushrooms, honey, and chestnuts .

The true star of autumn in Capizzi, in Messina area, is the Nebrodi truffle,  but in the area we can find many other typical products such as the Nebrodi porcini mushrooms, several kind of cheese like the provola in Capizzi and the buffalo mozzarella, or typical sweets such as’ u cavatieddu atturratu in Cerami and several black pork cold meats, everything coming from Nebrodi area.

Funghi dell’Etna – ph. Paolo Barone

Dont’ miss the fried guastedda  (fritter) and the “risu niru” (black rise) of Petralia Sottana (Palermo), into the heart of Madonie Mountains ! But also legume soups and fried thistles or the unmissable meat sauces and fresh pasta.

November, with the “Day of the Dead” celebrations, is the time of  Martorana fruit, fruit-shaped marzipan sweets .

Gracefully placed in wicker baskets or in wooden boxes, they feature in almost every Sicilian pastry-shops windows , particularly during the Festival of the Dead, on November 2, but also throughout the whole year.

And, of course, let’s taste the excellent Sicilian d.o.c. wine, or some of its famous fine liqueurs such as passito di Pantelleria, zibibbo, lemoncello, marsala, the citrus bitter liqueur (an excellent digestive) and delicious rosoli, that blend perfectly with the “Rame di Napoli“, the “Ossa di Morto” or the royal Sicilian Cassata!