Reaching Sicily by train

Travelling by train has a particular charm. You can reach Sicily  from abroad, by taking a Eurostar to Rome or Naples, and from here take an Express train to Sicily.

There are also intercity connections from Rome or Milan to Messina, the first Sicilian station.

Or, if you particularly like to travel by train, several express trains connect Sicily directly with Turin, Genoa, Milan, Venice, Bologna, Florence.

Once arrived at Villa San Giovanni, where the boarding for the Strait of Messina is, the train is loaded onto the ferries and passengers are boarded for free. During the crossing, it is possible to stay on board the train, but we advise to go out on the bridge to get some fresh air and start enjoying the Sicilian atmosphere. And if you are lucky, during your journey it can happen to be accompanied by cute dolphins that swim along the sides of the ship.