Reaching Sicily by train

Travelling by train is fascinating. You can arrive from overseas, taking a Eurostar to Roma or Napoli, and from here take an Express Train to Sicily.

Some Intercity connections are available from Roma, Milano to Messina, the first Sicilian station.

Or, if you prefer travelling by train, you will find different trains from Torino, Genova, Milano, Venezia, Bologna and Firenze, to reach Sicily.

Once you get to Villa San Giovanni, where the port of Messina Strait is located, the train is disassembled and embarked on train, and passengers will be boarded for free. During the ferry crossing it is possible to remain on the train, but our advice is to reach the ferry bridge to get some fresh air and start to feel the sicilian atmosphere. And, if you are lucky enough, during the trip, you will come across to some dolphins, swimming along the ferry.