An Archaeological Park is a magical place where the balanced interplay between culture and environment shows its most fascinating aspects.

An itinerary through which you can enjoy not only geology and nature of the area, but also the historical testimonies that tell you about architecture, urban planning and mining sites.

Places that have changed over time, also thanks  to the human presence, and where any single, different characteristic blends harmoniously together and reveals itself to  visitors.

The highly innovative nature of the Archaeological Parks System in Sicily, that  involves all the local organizations, is based on their recent autonomy in any field: scientific, research, administrative and financial management. This has allowed the system to have greater strength and dynamism in the   preservation, management, conservation and defense of the regional archaeological heritage as well as to enable a better accessibility, for a cultural and social growth, in a dynamic relationship with the world around.

The Archaeological Parks project –  which in Sicily was conceived and arranged, in minute detail, by the late councilor Sebastiano Tusa, a world-renowned archeologist –  includes fourteen local area: some new experiential routes that go throughout very extraordinary open-air museums.

We just have to choose where to go!

Webmap turistico-archeologica della Sicilia realizzata dal Lab Gis Osservatorio Turistico Regione Siciliana
Touristic-archaeological webmap of  Siciliy, edit by LabGis Osservatorio Turistico -Sicilian Region