Starting point:  Palazzolo Acreide (SR)

altitude  a.s.l .:  about 450 m

– route lenght : about km 25

– travel time : 6 hours (combined pace) 1 hour break

– technical difficulty: medium

– required  equipment: gaiters/boots – cap/helmet

– available boxes : 20

– recommended period :  between  20 March  and  15 April

ph. Paolo Barone

ph. Paolo Barone

This path allows you to combine wellness and fun, immersed in a generous landscape full of rivers flowing through a lush Mediterranean scrub, among hidden paths, hills and valleys providing ineffably beautiful views.

This area, lying between the valley of the Anapo river and that of the Manghisi river, is rich in historical evidence dating back to the Greco-Roman period and offers the opportunity to visit, even on horseback, some important sites that so well represent the richness of Sicilian Baroque Style, included in the Unesco  World Heritage.

The route lenght is about 1 to 2 hours, but it can may last even all day long, including the opportunity of some barbecues  or night gatherings, given the presence of accomodation facilities provided with rooms and horseboxes.