Starting point: Prizzi (PA)

Route 1: Source of River Sosio

– altitude  a.s.l .:  from 600 m  up to 750 m 

route lenght : about  7 km

travel time :  4 hours (combined pace) , 1 hour break

technical difficulty:  medium-low

required  equipment : gaiters/boots – cap/helmet

– available boxes : 6 and, as as an alternative, housepostings and fences

recommended period :  between  20 March and  30 September

Route 2: Lake Prizzi

– altitude  a.s.l .:   from  600 m  up to 750 m

– route lenght : about 15 km

– t- travel time :  7 hours (combined pace) , 1 hour break

– technical difficulty:  medium-low

– required  equipment : gaiters/boots – cap/helmet

–  available boxes : 6 housepostings and fences

– recommended period :  between  20 March and  30 September

p. Paolo Barone

ph. Paolo Barone

Monte Scuro represents an  area of ​​the park particulary rich of historical and naturalistic charm. here the river sosio rises and, crossing the Sicanian area for over over 60 km, reaches the Mediterranean sea, flowing between the villages of Ribera and Sciacca.

The area include an ancient and dense wood, rich in full of oaks, holm oaks and downy oaks which in late 1800s and the early 1900s housed  coal bins and mule tracks, nowadays partially walkable. This nature  and very panoramic excursion goes along a level variance of about 700 meters, and reaches an altitude of about 1200 m a.s.l.

Climbing Monte Indisi, on the border between Prizzi and Palazzo Adriano areas, you can enjoy the wonderful panorama provided by the Reserve of Sosio Valley and a large part of the Sicani Mountains, and, a little further up, Rocca Busambra (Ficuzza), the villages of Giuliana and Chiusa Sclafani, Monte Carcaci and Monte Cammarata.

Along the source of the river Sosio, during the warmest months, it is possible to  freshen up into the crystal clear waters, and  explore the tunnels dug into the rock to find  the spring waters. The walking goes on towards Monte Scuro forest on the trails of an ancient mule track, once used by the coal men, that provides a stunning view over a dense forest and then reaches a wide valley with pastures and soils cultivated with cereals.

For more information about these natural areas, visit the Parco dei Monti Sicani website or contact +39 366 6805077