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1st  starting point: Santa Venerina (CT)

2nd  starting point: Nicolosi (CT)

– altitude a.s.l .:  from 330 m up to 2970 m

route lenght : every possible route is not less than 25 km

travel time: from 6 hours up to days

technical difficulty: medium-high

– required  equipment : gaiters/boots – cap/helmet, high mountain outfit

available boxes: 20 for each starting point

recommended period :  between 20 Aprile and  30 September

ph. Paolo Barone

A trail on Mount Etna – ph. Paolo Barone

The rich opportunities offered by Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, included in the  UNESCO  World Heritage list, make it one of the most attractive areas in Sicily.

Its incredible and varied touristic offer satisfies a larg number of hikers with different  skills, who will have to deal with a very particular territory, switched between a rugged nature, made mostly of sand and volcanic formations with their characteristic black color, and wooded areas, mostly beechs and birch trees, which have survided the lava flows throughout millennia.

The possibility to go around on a horseback for three days does performing  a complete tour around Etna, and reaching almost the top at an altitude of 3000 meters a.s.l., does not exclude alternative  routes at lower altitudes, lasting from 2 to 5 hours, with panoramic, breathtaking  views over the whole Ionian coast.

Not to mention the extraordinary faunal and floral biodiversity of the all area around Etna.

For more information about these natural areas, visit the  Parco dell’Etna   website or contact +39 095 821111

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