Starting point: Castellana Sicula (PA)

– altitude  a.s.l .:  from  950m  up to 1800m

– route lenght : about km 22

– travel time : 4 hours  (combined pace)

– technical difficulty:  medium

– required  equipment : gaiters/boots – cap/helmet

– available boxes : 10

– recommended period :  between  20 March  and  15 October

Old drinking trough- ph. Paolo Barone

The Madonie Park is known for its great availability of nature trails for horseriding; we suggest you this route among many: along its compacted earth trail, you’ll cross ancient villages, and old drinking troughs for the cattle, and enjoy a landascape alternating between wooded mountain areas and barren hills, providing amazing views.

Don’t miss a visit to the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Alto. Located 1600 metres high it’s the highest in Europe and overlooks the Madonie woods and the valleys below. Monte Quacella, located in Quacella area, is considered the botanical garden of the Madonie Mountains. It rises immediately north from Madonna degli Angeli Valley, a famous for hosting many of the 30 unique worldwide specimens of Abies nebrodensis (fir of the Nebrodi Mountains), an endemic species dating back to the ice age.

Among the  hikers favorite destinations hikers there is Piano Cervi, where an easy trail, surrounded by a thick forest vegetation, leads up to wide green spaces.

For more information on the natural areas, visit the Madonie Park website and/or contact the Forest Service –  Reparto Ippomontato Madonie  – phone +39 091 562437 – mobile. +39 331 5702081