From the seven wonders of the ancient world to the seven diamonds of Sicily.

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the archeological site in Agrigento, Valle dei Templi, which highlights the magnificence of one of the most important ancient city, with Doric temples, very well preserved; Villa Romana del Casale and its mosaics of invaluable value which tells about the society of that time; Etna, one of the most important active volcano in the whole planet, which ensure to history and mythology its performance with eruption and guests, between lava and snow, incomparable ecnosystem; Siracusa, the biggest and most beautiful greek city as Cicerone describes, and with its theatre and its load in history, its part of a whole which include the Necropoli Rupestre of Pantalica, represented by tombs dated XII century AC; the baroque of Val di Noto, architectonical and artistic heritage, is the fil rouge with link, with churches and buildings, eight cities on the sout-east; the Arabo-Normanno path from Palermo to Monreale and Cefalù, winding through nine steps, with civil and religious buildings, tells about the settlements and the perfect stylistic match between islamic population, western and bizantine; the Isole Eolie, then, represent un unicum due to world vulcanology and geology, a rich and happy archipelago in its complexity.

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