Trekking in Sicily and discover the smell of clean air, discover that you have legs that can travel many more kilometres a day than you’d imagined. Learn about simple people who loves nature and whose most extreme “sport fanaticism” consists of talking together about the day, in the evening over dinner, surely in front of dish at km.0 and a glass of wine on a long cheerful table.

In case you didn’t know it, in Sicily there’s a lot to discover: 5 Natural Regional Parks (Etna, Fiume Alcantara, Madonie, Nebrodi and Monti Sicani), 1 National Park of Pantelleria Island, 77 Regional Nature Reserves, 6 Marine Protected Areas (Isole Egadi, Isole Pelagie, Plemmirio, Capo Gallo – Isola delle Femmine, Isola di Ustica e Isola dei Ciclopi) and 4 other Protected Areas including UNESCO Global Geopark Rocca di Cerere. A great heterogeneous heritage which is very easy to discover.

However, better than going alone and especially if you don’t know the area, it’s much more beautiful, useful and healthy if you contact one of the Trekking Associations in Sicily. The prices are always accessible for everyone, there are no luxuries in the open air… You will find friendly experienced people who will help accelerate your knowledge of the Sicilian natural area.