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Cannoli siciliani

Cannoli siciliani are the most traditional of all Sicilian confectionery products. Originally prepared during carnival season, they are now made all year round.
Ingredients (for 4

  • Piazza armerina - Villa del Casale

Villa Romana del Casale

What has always been amazing about the Villa del Casale, from the first excavations in the 1800’s until the final restorations, are “the superb remains

  • Vigneto Pantesco - Ph. Comune di Pantelleria

Grapevine sapling of Pantelleria

The Italian way of life is a well-known concept throughout the world. A cultural brand consisting of many things: landscape, artistic heritage, climate, fashion, design

  • Etna.donkey

On the back of a donkey on Etna? Yay!

On top of the Etna you can do routes (from one hour to 2-3 days) on a donkey. These cuddly quadrupeds love children. They are

  • Granita

The best granita in the world

The ritual of Sicilian granita (semi-frozen sicilian dessert) with its slow time, quality and variety of flavours, is a sign of Sicilian culture and history.


  • Megaliti dell'Argimusco - Ph Ignazio Mannarano

Argimusco, the Stonehenge of Sicily

On  the northern boundaries of Malabotta Woods, a group of large, quartz, sandstone rocks, by the curious and suggestive shapes, stand over a thousand meters

  • Cioccolato di Modica aromatizzato - Ph.

Modica chocolate

Swiss? No, Aztec…

The chocolate in Modica is made with a very old recipe, none other than from the Aztecs. If you are wondering what the

  • scenografia teatro pupi siciliani

Puppet Opera

Puppet opera is a particular type of puppet theatre, which emerged in southern Italy and particularly in Sicily in the early 1800s, is Masterpieces of

  • parco-avventura-680x382rurality.it_

Adventure Parks

For those who want to have fun outdoors, experiencing the thrill of climbing and defy gravity, adventure parks are a dynamic reality in the Sicilian

  • articolo

Wonderful sea in Sicily

A quick look at the many beaches and coves, in the wonderful sea of ​​Sicily, amazing for the transparency and richness of the colors.

Wishing to show you just

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