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Sailing in Sicily

Sun, sea and wind in our sails. A holiday in Sicily by boat is an experience that should be lived following the sailing timing.

Luffing, bearing

  • Stromboli


It is a volcano, Iddu named by the people of the island. It means “He”.
With its totally black lava beaches, Stromboli expresses the best of

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A little wild and worldly, ideal for those looking for the intensity of the essentials and who love unpolluted nature. The three population inhabited centres

  • Alicudi


Alicudi is the less well populated Island and one of the smallest of the Aeolian archipelago. It’s rough and wild, in the middle of a

  • Salina


With its three towns, Santa Marina, Malfa and Leni, it is the second largest Aeolian island,  with little more than 2,300 inhabitants. Olive groves, caper

  • Panarea - ph. A. Butler


The smallest of the Aeolian  islands (21 sq. Km), it offers a variety of local attractions and a very dynamic night life. Cala Junco is

  • Vulcano - Valle dei mostri - ph robianni

Vulcano Aeolian Islands

When you arrive in Vulcano, one of the 7 islands,  you are suddenly greeted by the acrid smell of sulphur. Don’t worry, you’ll immediately get

  • Canneto.Lipari.Campo_


A nice tour around the island to see the views is a must. Maybe with a scooter or a bicycle, as Lipari is quite big

  • Isole Egadi Isola di Vulcano

Aeolian Islands

Once you have visited them all, you’ll understand why the Aeolian Islands are in the Unesco World Heritage list.  The seven islands, each with its own strong

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