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  • Vie Sacre Sicilia network

    “When I left for Santiago I was not looking for anything, and I found it” This sentence by Jean-Christophe Rufin makes us hope that whatever our readers will find, it will be useful for their own route...   Vie Sacre Sicilia is a network of walkers, [...]

The Way of the Friars

A suggestion of a 166 km long journey that starts from the heart of Sicily through the provinces of Caltanisetta and  Palermo, under the distant but present presence of Etna, runs the heart of the [...]

Itinerarium Rosaliae

A journey to the discovery of the Inland of Sicily, for some ways unusual, to touch those places witnessing the passage of Santa Rosalia. The Rosaliae Itinerarium, winds on a network of trails made [...]

Vie Francigene of Sicily

They are called the Vie Francigene of Sicily and, like the ones that connected France to Rome, they are the ancient routes taken by pilgrims who went to Messina from all over Sicily, and then continued [...]

Sacred journeys – faith as a destination

Holidays taking you away from crowded places and daily stress are becoming more and more popular; where mind and body can be restored, or even meditation. Excursions in places where nature and silence are [...]

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