• Itineraries in Sicily

    Wealth is the key – word to better understand Sicily and its nuances: from an Island slope to another endless routes for just few hours, days or weeks. On the westen side, the historical and architectonic heritage of Palermo, represented by the Cathedral and Cappella [...]

Itinerarium Rosaliae

A journey to the discovery of the Inland of Sicily, unprecedented in a lot of [...]

Sailing in Sicily

Sun, sea and wind in our sails. A holiday in Sicily by boat is an [...]

Accessible Sicily

The Project M.U.S.T. (co-financed by the European Community) born for the promotion of the accesible [...]

Sicilian hinterland

The Sicilian hinterland, the real kernel of the island, is little known. Here, you can [...]

Itinerary of Writers

Sicily is the island of the Myth... Ulysses, Homer's epic hero,  landed on the island attracted [...]

Sicily in motorcycle

Yes, it's true... The beauty is not the destination but the trip itself! A tour [...]

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