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  • Granita

    The best granita in the world

    The ritual of Sicilian granita (semi-frozen sicilian dessert) with its slow time, quality and variety of flavours, is a sign of Sicilian culture and history. Sicily is home to granita . This ancient tradition is rooted in the Middle Ages, when in winter time the nivaroli [...]

Eggplant parmigiana

Every self-respecting Sicilian man or woman can recognize the unmistakable smell of a freshly baked Pamigiana, even before looking at it. And how to describe the taste sensation, after biting the crispy parmesan crust and [...]

Fried battered cardoons (I carduna ca pastetta)

The ancient saying "a tempu di carduni, lu cuteddu servi a lu patruni" (when thistles grow, the master needs his knife for the harvest) means "don't give away what you might need"... Let's speak about [...]

Easter cakes to taste in Sicily

Cover image: Pupi cu l'ovu - ph. lacucinadiziapeppa The well nown Sicilian bakery art, during special occasions, gives of its best and, at Easter, coinciding with Springtime, every banquet table or bar window, becomes a triumph [...]

Sicilian prickly pears

The origins of the opuntia ficus indica, the botanical name of the prickly pears, are to be found in the fifteenth century, when they were imported into Sicily from South Central America. Over the centuries this [...]

Sicilian blood oranges

Sicily is the country of oranges, whose fragrance fills the air in springtime... (Guy de Maupassant) Sicilian blood oranges, cultivated exclusively in the Piana di  Catania  and in some villages  in the area of Enna and [...]

The Frutta Martorana

These exquisite marzipan sweets, perfectly reproducing  vegetables and fruit, are a true expression of a great gastronomical creativity . Gracefully placed in wicker baskets or in wooden boxes, they appear in almost every Sicilian pastry-shops [...]

The tomato extract (astrattu)

An intense summer sun that lasts for at least a week and a little watery, very sweet and perfectely ripe tomato. These are the two indispensable elements for a good tomato extract, or as it is [...]

Sicilian pignolata

Pignolata or pignoccata is an ancient Sicilian dessert, typical of Sicily, but it is easy to find it throughout southern Italy during Christmas time or Carnival. Similar to the struffoli of Naples, it differs from [...]

Pane con la milza

The pane con la milza, or 'u pani c’a meusa,  (literally bread with spleen)  is one of the most popular Sicilian street food. You can have it for lunch or for dinner and it is [...]

The Mediterranean diet

The true essence of a place also involves its smells and flavors. Few places on earth can embrace so many fragrances and flavors  as Sicily. For this reason the Mediterranean diet captures the essence and the most [...]

Zeppole di riso (rice pancakes)

Sicilian Zeppole di riso are rice pancakes invented by the nuns of the Benedictines Monastery of Catania, in the sixteenth century. In Catania, in fact, they are also known as "rice crepes in Benedictine style" or [...]

Pesce stocco ‘a ghiotta o alla Messinese

Pesce stocco 'a ghiotta or alla Messinese is an extraordinary and ancient Sicilian recipe. With its a clear Norman influence (it is a typical fish of the Scandinavian countries) it has quickly become the protagonist, [...]

Palermo Street Food

A recent ranking, compiled by the American network Virtual Tourist, placed Palermo in 5th place among the best producers of "street food" in the world. Il Capo - ph Marta Mannarano Today the [...]

Sfinci di ricotta

The recipe of "Sfinci" is one of the oldest, typical Sicilian recipes.  Sicilian people, as all southerner people, go crazy for frying and during Carnival they prepare  thousands of yummy  recipes. These  Sicilian  cookies are small [...]

Ancient grains in Sicily

Sicily has always been a wheat-rich region since ancient times. It's even supposed since 3° millennium a.c. as testified by the finds of ancient daily life tools, like grindstones and pestles, found in Stentinello, a [...]

Pasta with “vruoccoli arriminati”

A dish with intense and definite flavour. The pasta with vruoccoli arriminati is a typical dish of Palermo area, simple yet very rich in flavour. The word “arriminato” means mixed as broccoli are mixed with with onion, raisin, pine nuts, [...]

Pasta c’anciova

Delicious dish that unites sweet and salty, the pasta "c'anciova" it is the correct alternative "low cost" of the traditional pasta with the sardines. The invention of this dish is attributed to the emigrants that [...]

Pani cunzatu

Pani cunzatu (seasoned bread) is a typical poor meal of the traditional sicilian cuisine. It's also called “bread of misery” because, in the absence of further richer and appetizing ingredients, poor people used to enrich it with spices and cheap seasonings, easily [...]

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