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  • Ph Vincenzo Mallo Kitesurf

    Kitesurfing in Sicily

    Around the world, kitesurfing is also called kite board or as it's very often referred to in France fly surf, which highlights the relation this sport has with flying. Over time, kitesurfing has embraced many disciplines such as Free style where some developments have been [...]

Ski touring

Mt. Etna, the roof of the Mediterranean, rises 3,340 above sea level and majestically dominates [...]

Trek and Kids

TREK & KIDS child-friendly nature holidays! Travelling light and easy with your children, exploring beautiful [...]

Windsurf in Sicily

Windsurf in Sicily? With over 1000 km of coast, there is nothing but to choose! [...]

Sicily by bike

Cycling around Sicily is wonderful... the island deserves to be seen slowly... There are many [...]

Trekking in Sicily

Trekking in Sicily … to enjoy the smell of fresh air, to  cover many more [...]

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