Coronavirus (COVID-19):  answers to common questions

What about the current situation in Sicily?

Currently Sicily, as the entire Italy, is a protected area with severe nationwide limits on travel. Local health authorities are monitoring the situation closely and all positive patients are in isolation as per procedure. For further information visit the official website of Sicilian Government and the website dedicated to the virus:

Do the transport of people to and from Sicily work?

Travelling to and from Sicily is not allowed. Only foreign tourists and Italians who must return to their home-places,  are allowed to travel.

Sea travels between Messina and Villa San Giovanni or Reggio Calabria are allowed only for health, work or urgent needs.

Air transport is guaranteed through two daily flights Rome- Catania and  Rome-Palermo and vice versa just for exigences of territorial continuity. All other domestic and international flights are suspended. A return flight from and to Lampedusa operates from Palermo airport.

Rail transport provides only one day Intercity train from Rome to Palermo and vice versa.

Automobile connections within the island are also suspended.

What should I do if I am in Sicily?

In compliance with the Italian Government measures to stem spread of Covid-19 disease, all citizens and guests have to:

  • Minimize your travels, unless you have work reasons or basic needs (healthcare and food supplying). Furthermore, it is forbidden to travel  to places other than ones residence, either by public or private transport,  except for demonstrably work reasons, absolute urgency or health reasons.  In any case to move from a place to another, you must always have a self-certification form with you . Please download it here. False reporting is a crime.
  • stay at least one meter away from other people and avoid crowded places The ban on public and outdoor gatherings is still in effect
  • wash your hands often
  • if you have a fever over 37.5 degrees, you are strongly recommended to stay home and limit social contacts as much as possible. You should also call your doctor.
  • People who have been quarantined or have tested positive for COVID-19 are absolutely prohibited from leaving their home.

Are museums, parks, tourist attractions and facilities accessible? 

All museums, cultural sites and tourist attractions are closed until further notice. With the necessary security measures, accommodation facilities are regularly working. For tourist information on the single Sicilian resorts, you can email the local Tourist Offices. 

Are theatres and cinemas open?

Theatres and cinemas are closed throughout Italy. Furthermore, all public and private meetings and events have been cancelled.

Are bars, restaurants and shops open?

In Sicily, restaurants, bars and shops are closed until 15 April 2020 with the exception of  grocery stores, pharmacies and drug stores which remain open, as long as people keep a distance of at least one metre between them.

Is public transport operating regularly?

Local public transport will be probably limited in the next days; therefore, you should always check the Companies websites before leaving. To protect all passengers are asked to collaborate by rigorously maintaining the minimum interpersonal distance.

In case of need, who shall I contact? 

The Sicilian Health System is ready to face and manage the situation: besides the Emergency Phone number 112, the Sicilian Government has introduced the Official Coronavirus toll-free number, 800458787, in order to assist citizens at any time. Specifically, one can receive assistance and information about the Government action plan following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy and Sicily.  This service, available 24 hours, has also the aim of avoiding the spread of untrusted data and false information.

N.B. This information is subject to constant changes in relation to the evolution of the international scenario.

For tourist information and updates allover Italy, visit the Italian Tourism Official website,