Palatine Chapel

The Palatine Chapel is the place that alone is worth [...]

Palatine Chapel2020-05-25T21:30:06+02:00

Villas of Bagheria

Bagheria or  Baarìa in sicilian dialect, is a very populous [...]

Villas of Bagheria2020-06-18T17:34:37+02:00

Itinerary of Writers

Sicily is the island of the Myth... Ulysses, Homer's epic hero, [...]

Itinerary of Writers2020-06-18T17:35:02+02:00

Sicily and cinema

Sicily has always been a big open-air set. From  [...]

Sicily and cinema2020-06-18T17:35:03+02:00

Modern and contemporary art

Modern and contemporary Art? It can be very seductive and [...]

Modern and contemporary art2020-06-18T17:35:06+02:00
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