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  • Pecold


Gangi is a small town on a promontory near Palermo that became famous after being named the most Beautiful village in Italy. It is a

  • campagna siciliana - entroterra - country

Sicilian hinterland

The Sicilian hinterland, the real kernel of the island, is little known. Here, you can easily get in touch with people in a natural and

  • Carlo V

Walking with Charles V

On the 20th August 1535, after three long days of navigation, Charles V, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, landed at Trapani. This was the

  • borghi-mappa1

Italy’s most beautiful villages in Sicily

The Sicily less known and, maybe, more authentic. Beautiful places, rich in history and local culture, where lifestyle is just what we all want. Here

  • Savoca - Il Bar del Padrino - Sergey Kelin

Sicily and cinema

Sicily has always been a big open-air set. From  the countryside to the sea, from the art cities to the historic houses, the island has

  • Castelbuono, immerso nelle Madonie - Elisa Locci

Madonie and Nebrodi

Madonie and Nebrodi are among the most suggestive landscapes in Sicily, a small millennial world that must be seen and savored slowly.

The Madonie mountains are

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